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Gosford Parish map - Kibble Park 1890 Source: NSW Land and Property Information (LPI)

Gosford Parish map – Kibble Park 1890 2

30th June 1847 – Robert Creighton acquired allotments 1 and 4 of section 31 by Crown Grant.

16th December 1875 – Allotments 1 and 4 conveyed to Robert Creighton jnr after the death of Robert Creighton on the 16th December 1875.

18th June 1880 – Western portion (330ft frontage to Man street with a depth 132ft) of allotment 4 sold to James Cutter.

10th August 1880 – William Alison purchased the above mentioned land from James Cutter.

28th January 1881 – Robert Creighton Jnr’s allotment 1 and the remainder of allotment 4 is sold to William Alison.

1881 – William John Chapman commenced the business that became Messrs Chapman and Sons in the building on the north-east corner of Mann and William Streets.
Sometime between 1881 and 1884 William Alison sub-divided his new land holding and this included the creation of William street, joining Mann Street to Gertrude Street, by sacrificing a strip of land 66 feet wide along the northern boundary of allotments 1 and 4. The sub-division also included the creation of Eliza Street, joining Donnison Street to William Street, by sacrificing a strip of land 56 feet wide along the western boundary of allotment 1 and the adjacent strip of land 10 feet wide along the eastern boundary of allotment 4. Alison also included a lane, joining Donnison Street to William Street, by sacrificing a strip of land 20 feet wide parallel to Mann Street at a distance of 150 feet from Mann Street. This lane came to be named Kibble Lane and then Mortimer Lane in later years. The resulting Alison sub-division contained 29 allotments – 5 fronting Mann Street, 9 fronting William Street, 9 fronting Donnison Street, 4 fronting Eliza Street and 2 fronting Gertrude Street.

1884 – William John Chapman moved the business into the general store and residence on the eastern side of Mann Street, 100 feet north of Donnison Street on the land then owned by William Alison. 1

1969 – Gosford Library built

1980 – Kibble park opened

Gosford – Kibble Park. (3 March 2012) 3

November 2014 – Letter addressed to the editor Express Advocate RE: library 2014. Margaret Hardy.
The current Gosford Council moved last week to rezone community land in Kibble Park where Gosford Library and the previously named Tea House now stand, to Operational Land. Three Councillors voted against this move which would allow Council to commercialise the land and buildings and could sell it, so maybe other councillors do not know the history of Kibble Park and the library, nor do the new Officers of Council who maybe choose to ignore the past.
This is a backward step for our current council when the history of Gosford Library shows the current library was the first major project undertaken by Gosford Council in 1969 – A time when Council was taking note of the needs of the community after a long campaign by the late Phyllis Bennett, then Librarian at Gosford High School and others in the community.
It deserves to be kept as part of Gosford’s history as it took a step forward in providing facilities for the community using modern building techniques and the support of Councillors.
History reports there was much controversy at the time about the building, it being scathingly referred to as the ‘Opera House’ of Gosford.
It was the first public library in 1982 to offer access to information using a computer to search enormous data banks in Australia and California. We have come a long way since but it is still providing a wonderful service along with branch libraries. Council has plans for a new library at Kibbleplex but the current building deserves to be Heritage listed and retained by Gosford Council for community use. There are many uses to which it could be put to promote the heritage of our beautiful city.
The Library was designed by prominent Sydney Architects Alan Williams & Associates and built on the Kibble Estate by A.W. Edwards P/L Sydney in conjunction with Consulting Engineers Ove Arup & Partners, Sydney.   It was featured on the cover of ‘Wood World” May 1970, Vol 3, No. 4, citing the Australian timbers used internally including Tasmanian Oak and Western red Cedar.
The exterior is reminiscent of a traditional Australian homestead . It was also featured in Australian Architectural Magazines and Australian Constructional Review. The home of Alan Williams at Mosman has been listed on the Heritage Register.
Gosford has lost so many heritage buildings. It is about time we took stock of what is left to tell the story of the past.
Yours Faithfully, Margaret Hardy.

Unveiling Kibble opening Plaque. Source: Gwen Dundon. Unveiling centre plaque - CCExpress 17-09-1980

Unveiling Kibble opening Plaque 4

Kibble Park - CCExpress 17-09-1980

Guest delighted audience 5

 October 2014 – Despite objections by three Councillors at the Gosford City Council meeting held on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 part of Kibble Park was given the go-ahead for reclassification and rezoning. This would include the subdivision of the are which occupies the Gosford City Library, Kibble Park Cafe and former Eliza Street portions of Kibble Park Gosford.






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Kibble Park – Gosford -33.426705, 151.343678 Kibble Park - Gosford


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