Dec 292015

The following is an extract from Pg64 Table Talk dated 20 June 1929. At this time Mary and Ron Sumner have ‘temporarily’ relocated from the Admiralty Islands to Brisbane Waters in the Gosford district.

THERE is lamentation in Rabaul and Manos Island at Mr and Mrs Sumner’s decision to remain for an indefinite period in Now South Wales, where they have settled temporarily at Brisbane Waters in the Gosford district. Their withdrawal will leave many an exile without the cheery home corner to visit that helped them to combat loneliness. Their picturesque home in the Admiralty Islands was ever a centre of interest and a meeting place for friends, as they exercised the warmest hospitality. Mrs Sumner will long be remembered with gratitude as Sister Curtain, of Namanula, where she made scores of friends by giving unreservedly her professional skill in grim lights against blackwater and malaria fever, and ever encouraging the stricken and depressed who were so far from their home country. 1



  1. Table Talk 20 June 1929 Souce: Trove