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Gosford School of Arts plans to be drawn up.

Gosford School of Arts plans to be drawn up. 6

The School of Arts, built in 1888, is situated on the corner of Mann Street and Georgiana Terrace. Ten years after its construction, The Gosford Times printed an article that demonstrated the community’s pride in the building: One of the institutions of Gosford of which the town and district may feel justly proud is its School of Arts. In these days of learning, when it is generally agreed that brains and brawn and recreation and toil are factors as inseparable as they are indispensable to the obtainment of the fullest and best results of life and labour, the town that cannot boast of a School of Arts is either a very insignificant place or extremely tardy in the march of progress. 1

The Gosford School of Arts was established in 1888… and is rather an imposing structure. The building comprises a first class library room, containing about 808 volumes, a reading room (free), which is supplied with all the latest papers and periodicals, chess and draught tables etc; a large meeting room, at the disposal of the public… and chambers used by the Municipal Council and the Oddfellows Lodge. On the street level there is a spacious hall, capable of seating about 250 people, fitted with a roomy stage, piano, scenery etc. 2

Opened by public subscription in by Sir Henry Parkes in 1889.

Tenders were called for the purchase and removal of two buildings at the School of Arts on 8th November 1917. One 2 room building (cottage) was located to the west of the hall. The second building was a billiards room to the south of the hall. 3

Tender application for removal of two buildings at Gosford School of Arts - Gosford Times 8 Nov 1917 pg9

Tender application for removal of two buildings at Gosford School of Arts. 7

In 1927 the School of Arts burnt down, and an early link with the city’s past was tragically severed. The fire started at around midnight on Tuesday 15 November, and quickly gutted the building. The contents were totally destroyed, although a few items were saved, including the piano, some drums and a few seats. No water supply was available and the flames quickly took hold.

Creighton’s brothers rebuilt the top storey of the School of Arts, and was licenced from 11 April 1930.


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Gosford School of Arts -33.429195, 151.341174 Gosford School of Arts



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