It would great to be able to visit every site and know every bit of history but it is an impossible task for one person. Do you have photos of landscapes, people, stories, buildings, businesses, newspaper clippings, tourist brochures, postcards, maps, monuments etc. Basically, anything that can connect the reader to the past for future reference?

Ways to contribute:

You can leave a comment at the bottom of most articles where it has ‘Leave a Reply’. This is good way of leaving information relevant to the information on the page. If you want to include a photo you can use the Website Contribution Form.

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If you would like to create a new topic/article and/or include a photo you will need to use the form on the Website Contribution Form where you can include photos.

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You can at any time make comments on already submitted articles at the Facebook group

Where possible you should give citation to any information that you provide as this will:

Provide a trail for future researchers to locate the material source,
Give credit to the original author and help avoid plagiarism.