Dec 272015

With a plentiful supply of timber on the Central Coast many low lying swampy roads were lined with lengths of timber that were laid parallel to each other and perpendicular to the road to make it more manageable  for traffic that would otherwise sink in the mud. These were known as “corduroy roads” as it resembles corduroy fabric. While the corduroy road was usually an improvement, it often difficult for horses to walk along due to the round shape of the corrugation of the logs.

A section of the original corduroy road is exposed along the Central Coast Hwy (Previously known as Punt Straight and The Entrance Rd) that was constructed in 1885 when the Punt Bridge was built over the Erina Creek to connect Erina with East Gosford. 1



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Corduroy Road buried below Punt Straight -33.436497, 151.366849 Corduroy Road buried below Punt Straight



  1. Presentation by Gwen Dundon at Henry Kendall Cottage (2015)