Sep 302015

It was recently announced that the old school site that runs along Mann Street between Georgiana Terrace and Vaughan Avenue will be host to a new development for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The Gosford primary (old school) site has been sold by State government to a Canberra developer who will lease back the building to tax office for 10 years then do as he wishes.  The land has been vacant this year after demolition of the old school was completed. Community discussion has been very heated on the decision as the land overlooks the beautiful Brisbane Waters and that the area should be kept for public use.

To add to the blow, Gosford council is still pushing to build the Performing Arts Centre on the Rotary Park site that would require the removal of a great deal of land from the Memorial park above causing the Anzac ceremonies that are are already overflowing from the park to have even less room.

It has been suggested that the ATO building would be better located on one of the disused blocks of land such as the old Froggy’s or Brisbane Waters County Council building in Mann Street or the council owned Marketplace building or land behind Kibble park.

A community protest will be held at The Leagues Club Field between 8:30 – 9:30 on Saturday 3rd October 2015

Protest against ATO office on prime waterfront land

Protest against ATO office on prime waterfront land

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Old Gosford Primary School -33.429937, 151.340704

  3 Responses to “Protest against ATO office on Gosford prime waterfront land”

  1. There are other sites that could be utilised, the CBA building, the Work Cover building (I believe many workers have returned to Sydney), the market place building, Froggy’s (absolute eyesore). What a waste, not a strategic planning idea in place from local, state or federal government. An ATO building should be placed in the centre of CBD where local business can benefit.

  2. There are much more suitable sites currently derilict in center of gosford some owned buy council which could show a return for the rate payers money.but no lets reduce the size of water front green space which will never be available again and which was created buy lieing to local Voters.i would have rather let generations of primary school students have the experience of going to school there. again the people of gosford totally ignored by there local and federal elected citizens we have to stop accepting this kind of treatment buy people that are supposed to represent us and be more active when they make such poor decisions.i bet the developer can’t believe his luck .where was the communitie discussion on such a significant site .seems to be how things work in gosford .bloody digusting

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