Photo of NegativesPreserving photos and information of our past is very important for our future generations. We look at buildings and landscapes on a daily basis and they often change subtly over time without us really noticing. How often is it that a new building is erected and it is not long before the old is forgotten?

Collecting the photos of today is important to preserve part of our history for future generations.

It’s easy, just go for a walk in your local area and start taking photos. Here are some subjects you can start with: Buildings, Houses, Business signage, Roads, Parks, Bridges, Landscapes.

You are invited to then contribute information from your area. We are looking for photos, stories, newspaper clippings, tourist brochures, postcards, maps etc. Basically, anything that can connect the reader to the past at your location. You can visit our Contribute Page for further information or please feel free to Contact Us.

You can use the interactive map below where you can zoom, scroll and click on map icons to visit the location.

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